pineapple juice
avocado grow

A wonderful fruit, Avocado is packed with minerals and vitamins.


Potatoes, the highly common vegetable in many countries, are often kept away for its fat content. However, the vegetable has plenty of benefits for the human body.

grow lemons

Lemon, the yellow oval fruit with acidic juice, is recognized widely for its amazing medicinal properties.

grow tomatoe

Tomato, the rounded fruit with great taste, has plenty of benefits other than making dishes tastier.

cucumber plant

The healthy green fruit, Cucumber, is known as one of the most important salads.

grow oranges

Oranges are juicy and delicious fruits, which are loved for their amazing flavor and aroma. These fruits are also liked for their awesome benefits for health.


Peppers are very popular spices, which add more taste to soups, meat, curries and other dishes.

Aloe Vera

Are you trying to live healthy? Aloe Vera is one of the plants you should have in your home. It has countless benefits and it basically grows anywhere with minimal supervision.

Grow with Growers Land

If you like plants and you have some plants at home, or you are growing for food seasonally, you can share your grows with the rest of the Growers Land community.

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