Shrek - The gollum plant

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13 years 1 month ago
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This plant has been with me since over 10 years. I got it from a plant just as big as this one right now. I got a small branch that fell of it and it grew to this size over the years. Since than I created loads of "children" from it so now it is conquering the world :)  

Day 3641

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Some of Shrek's children... The standalone one is in my office on my desk in Budapest Hungary. The 4 (actually 5) ones in the toilet paper roll I took with myself to California and I am planning to plant them somewhere around, so Shrek will be literally all over the world :) Ill keep you updated...

Day -20

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Poor little guy is a bit overwhelmed by its own size... I took him outside during the summer to gain some strength (those are the pictures with the sun shining) Unfortunately I had to leave him behind as I have to travel to the other side of the world for work for 3 months, so I hope he will survive my absence. There are two girls taking care of him while Im gone, so hopefully he has a good time :) 

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