3 reasons why hydroponics are better than soil grows

This article is based on a purely personal opinion, but if you search around the web, you will realize that most people agree, that hydroponics are better than soil when growing.

Tree of 40 fruits

Forty different fruits on a tree? You didn't think that existed, did you?

ozone layer

Well, not entirely, but we are on a good track for it to be entirely gone. And it has been decreasing since the year 2000. Watch this DNews video about it below.

Grow with Growers Land

If you like plants and you have some plants at home, or you are growing for food seasonally, you can share your grows with the rest of the Growers Land community.

Forest Man - Imagine if everyone did this

This man has done something remarkable. He planted a forest larger than Central park in Manhattan.

Manchineel tree

Afraid of wild animals? Well... here is a tree that could be more dangerous. Manchineel trees have developed a very effective protection system. You can barely stand close to them. 

growing tomato

Tomatoes are easy to grow and provide nutritious food for the table. Here are the 3 tips I think are the most useful after reading around the web and growing tomatoes myself.

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