HPS vs LED – The long time debate

hps vs led grow light

The two most popular source of light nowadays in indoor grow rooms are HPS and LED lights. HPS just won the debate against MH and fluorescent light sources, then LEDs came along.

Winning is not going to be so easy for HPS this time, in fact it looks like as time goes by and LED lights develop HPS performs under the newest LED lights and also its energy uptake is close to double of the LEDs.

The benefits of LEDs over HPS lights: 

  • By far the most light comes out of the LEDs compared to any of the HPSs.

  • The LEDs outperformes the HPS in yield.

  • The energy uptake of the LED is much less.

  • ​The plants needed more water and nutrients with LED.

In conclusion, LEDs are becoming the new king of the indoor growing industry. Already there are some serious competitors out there that outperform HPSs by far. Although you have to be careful, because there are loads of pour quality LEDs on the market that are not only badly performing, but also dangerous! Do your research thoroughly before purchasing one of these LEDs.



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