How to Start Growing Tomatoes?

grow tomatoe

Tomato, the rounded fruit with great taste, has plenty of benefits other than making dishes tastier. Rich in antioxidants such as Lycopene and Vitamin C, the fruit can repair damages in the body, boost the natural immunity and reduce the risks of tumors and cancers. It is better to grow tomatoes at home rather than purchase them from the grocery store, as you can get better taste and less chemicals from homegrown tomatoes. Find out how to grow your own tomatoes at home.

Begin with fresh seeds
Purchase tomato seeds from reputed stores, as you can be assured of superior quality seeds in that case. Look for seeds less than 4 years in age, and ensure that they have been cooled and dried.

Purchase a seed starting mix
Do not use garden soil, which can easily contract and lead to various disorders. It is better to buy a commercial seed mixture which combines peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. Mixtures containing high amount of fertilizer can be problematic. Go for common mixes recommended to homeowners, such as Jiffy Mix, Pro Mix, Metro Mix and Fafard. Blend the mix with warm water to create a usable mixture, and leave the moist blend overnight.

Choose the right containers
Next, you should pick a big container that can drain properly. If you want, you can also use old containers after sterilizing them. Flats are used as containers by professional tomato cultivators. You can use anything as tomato containers, even Styrofoam or plastic cups, as long they come with right drainage.

Plant at the right time
You should know when to begin. When nurtured well, tomatoes can grow properly in 6 – 8 weeks. Plant the tomato seeds in the right spot in your garden. You should place the damp seed mix in the container and then plant your tomato seeds at a depth of 3 mm. Ensure that the seeds are directly in contact with the damp seed mixture, so that they can absorb enough moisture in order to germinate.

Let the seeds germinate
Next, you have to allow time for germination. Place the container in a spot that is warm, but not directly under sunlight. Let the seedlings get light, and ensure that there is sufficient heat for proper tomato growth. Supervise the growth of the plants from seeds. The temperature needs to be around 18° C with air and light all around. Keep the container indoors, and then place it outdoors after some days.


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