How to Start Growing Cucumbers?

cucumber plant

The healthy green fruit, Cucumber, is known as one of the most important salads. It is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C among other nutrients. It is good for the health of pancreas, kidney, liver and urinary bladder, among other organs. It can be a good idea to grow cucumber at home, and have a steady source of the fruit. Know how to start growing this fruit in a bucket at home.

Get a bucket
Get a 5-gallon bucket and wash it properly. Use water and soap in order to get rid of all the residue and dirt. Rinse your bucket properly, and allow it to be air-dried.

Drill holes into the bucket
Next, you have to drill 6 – 8 holes of 1/2- inch diameter through the underside of your bucket. This will prevent accumulation of water around the roots of your cucumber plants. Evenly space the holes in order to get the best drainage results.

Fill with soil
You have to fill up the bucket with a properly draining vegetable potting soil, 2 inches from the top, gathered from a local garden supply store.

Blend vegetable fertilizer into soil
Then, you have to combine a vegetable fertilizer of slow-release variety into your soil, which would provide the seeds with enough nutrients all through the growing season. You can also use a 20-20- 20 fertilizer of water-soluble variety as a second fertilizer option and add it to the soil each alternate week, from the time of planting to the time of harvest.

Dig a hole in the middle
You should dig a hole of 4-inch depth in the middle of the bucket. Get rid of the cucumber seedling from the bucket and place the root ball into the planting hole. This will keep the first leaf sets slightly above the level of soil.

Put the bucket in a sunny area
You have to put the bucket in a sunny spot. Place the bucket over two wooden blocks or bricks in order to keep the underside elevated and allow sufficient drainage.

Soak the soil
Use water to soak the soil until water drains out through the holes at the bottom of bucket. Rather than pouring water, apply it to the soil. Keep an eye on the moisture content and offer supplemental water 3- 4 times each week in order to keep the soil uniformly moist. During rainless periods, soil in buckets and containers dry out fast. Once the cucumbers reach a proper length, harvest them.


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