How to Start Growing Bananas?

how to grow bananas

How to Start Growing Bananas?

Bananas are a favorite with many people, and the fruit consists of many essential nutrients for the body. It is packed with tryptophan, an amino acid, which assists in combating depression. It is high in fiber content that improves bowel movements, enough potassium and sodium to reduce high B.P, vitamin B 6 and B 12, magnesium and more. Find out how to start growing bananas in a tree pot.

Soak the seeds

Get seeds out of banana, and soak them for 24 – 48 hours in lukewarm water. The soaking helps make the seed coat softer and make it quicker and easier for the sprouting of the embryo inside. Prepare a potting soil mix and an outdoor soil bed in a sunny spot, and keep the container there to sow the banana seed in it. Make sure that the soil is sandy although rich in leaf mold, peat, compost or other organic matter. Create a combination of 60% airy, light loam or sand along with 40% organic matter.

Plant the seeds

Pick up the banana seed from its water bath and plant it instantly in the soil. Use your fingers to create a small hole that is sufficiently deep to cover the seed’s top with a few soil grains. You should not plant it very deep.

Water the soil

Next, you have to water the soil for bringing the soil particles directly in contact with the banana seed. Check the moisture content of the soil every day, and keep it moist uniformly. The soil should not be either soggy or dry.

Shift the container

You should move the container with sown banana seeds to a spot with enough sunlight, in order to keep the soil warm. When the container is under sunlight, the needs for watering will increase. Naturally, you should check the soil every day in order to make sure that it stays moist at all times. The germinating seed can get dehydrated due to dry soil, and be destroyed eventually.

Keep the soil properly moist

Until the seed germinates finally, you should keep the soil properly moist by maintaining a proper regimen. This will show a tiny leaf from the surface of soil. Some will take 2 – 3 weeks to germinate, while others might take 2 months or even more. Germination will be quickened by warmer soil temperatures, although the response of seeds to temperature also tends to differ. Irrespective of this, you should keep the soil temperature more than 60 ° F.


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