How to Start Growing Apples?

apple tree

Apples are alkaline fruits that actually help keep the doctor away. These are good for cardiac health and research has shown that the fruits are also good for diabetics. Loaded with fibers and antioxidants, these help prevent cancerous conditions. The presence of the phytochemical called Quercetin can help prevent Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. Find out how you can start growing apples at home.

Buy a dwarf apple tree
Visit your local nursery or garden center and buy a dwarf apple tree variety. Order the trees from online garden centers or a reputed catalog in case you cannot find them in your region.

Choose a planting container
Pick an appropriate planting container for placing your tree indoors. Select one that is big enough to accommodate the roots of the tree and can also have an extra couple of inches to allow space for growth. Buy a container with a minimum of 4 drainage holes of ¼-inch diameter in the bottom, to let drainage of water from the roots of the tree. If needed, drill more holes into the container bottom.

Prepare growing medium
Combine equal parts of perlite, peat moss and coarse builder's sand in order to create a properly draining and fertile growing medium for the nurturing of your tree. Add sufficient growing medium to the container bottom to ensure that your tree will be at the same level as when it was planted in the nursery container.

Get the tree out
Next, you have to get the tree out from the nursery container and place it in the middle of the planting container that you have prepared. Use growing medium well-draining blend in the space around the apple tree. Pack the growing medium down to ensure that your tree stands securely in the container.

Place the tree close to sunlight
You have to keep the tree within a distance of 4 feet from windowsill, so that it can get at least 6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight each day. Keep the tree away from drafts, AC or heaters by a distance of at least 6 feet.

Water the tree
Right after planting the tree, you should water it thoroughly in order to moisten its growing medium. Go on watering as needed in order to have the growing medium moist consistently. Keep in mind that apple tree grown in containers need more frequent watering as compared to their counterparts that are planted in the ground.


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