Grow with Growers Land

Grow with Growers Land

If you like plants and you have some plants at home, or you are growing for food seasonally, you can share your grows with the rest of the Growers Land community. You only need to complete these three simple steps to start your first grow journal on Growers Land.


1. Sign up

It is very simple. Create an account on the sign up page with your email address or sign in with Google.


2. Create grow journal

Create your first grow journal by navigating to the add grow journal menu in the user menu.

 Fill out the details of your grow. Select an appealing cover photo that will display throughout the site and other places like social media representing your grow. 


3. Add journal posts

Once you created your journal, you can add posts to it. Keep it updated regularly and show how your grow progresses over time. Have fun growing ;)


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