3 reasons why hydroponics are better than soil grows

3 reasons why hydroponics are better than soil grows

This article is based on a purely personal opinion, but if you search around the web, you will realize that most people agree, that hydroponics are better than soil when growing.

Growing hydroponically can get a little bit complicated. Although I believe it is worth all the trouble in the long run as well as more fun!

So here goes the three reasons why I think growing with hydroponics are better than growing in soil.

1. Speed
It is proven and agreed that growing with hydroponics can cut (on average) as long as one week off of the full plant life cycle from seeds until harvest. This is a great advantage if you think about light bills, nutrient consumption or just want your harvest faster.

2. Quality and Yield
​Overall, hydroponics gives you a higher quality plant in all aspects and therefore this also reflects in the harvest amount. Tomatoes grown with hydroponics tend to have much bigger and denser fruits, not to mention that it is also easier to achieve multiple branches, as plants regenerate faster after topping. 

3. Greater control
With hydroponics you can precisely control the amount of nutrients you provide to your plants. Also it is easier to control the PH level of the medium. Having the medium liquid, it means that the roots sit in a homogeneous medium, that prevents root burns or any similar disaster that can be caused by water stuck in the soil.

Also when growing hydroponically weeds have no chance to contaminate your garden, as there is no soil where they could grow their roots, so no annoying third parties to bother you!

Some also reports less pests in hydroponic gardens. This is also logical, as there is no soil that can act as a nice home for those annoying pests.

+1  Saving water
Hydro grows take up much less water, as there is no excess water dripping out at the bottom of the pots into the ground and also evaporation effects hydro grows less as well.

This list could go on and on, but the above are the main reasons I would choose hydroponic over soil growing any day. It might be a bit more expensive to set up a hydro grow, but it definitely worth its extra price in the long run.


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