3 awesome tips for tomato growers

growing tomato

Tomatoes are easy to grow and provide nutritious food for the table. Here are the 3 tips I think are the most useful after reading around the web and growing tomatoes myself.

Use a plastic bottle to provide extra oxygen to the roots

This takes very little effort before planting your tomato seedlings and it produces very good results. Roots need oxygen just as much as nutrients. With this method not only oxygen will be provided to your tomato plants, but you can water the plants through the bottle, that way the roots get the water directly and also the water penetrates deeper into the ground rather than spread on the top of the soil. 


Spray milk on the plants once every week
This is a surprising, but very effective trick for your plant. This not only saves the plant from pesticides and diseases, but milk also has plenty of nutrients that the tomato plant can absorb. This trick has something to do with milk being alkaline and apparently bugs and fungi don't like that. I mix milk 1:1 with water and use a spraying can to apply the solution to the plant.


Bury the stems
When you plant your tomato plant to their final place, remove their lower leaves and bury the stem, so only the top leafs are above the ground. This will make the plant grow roots along the buried stem and thus the plant will be able to absorb much more nutrients and therefore grow faster and provide bigger yields.


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