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Day 183 - A random avocado grow

I took the little tree inside for winter. Also I will be leaving her here for 3 months as I'm leaving the country. Hopefully she will survive just fine. 

Day 3641 - Shrek - The gollum plant

Some of Shrek's children... The standalone one is in my office on my desk in Budapest Hungary. The 4 (actually 5) ones in the toilet paper roll I took with myself to California and I am planning to plant them somewhere around, so Shrek will be literally all over the world :) Ill keep you updated... more

Day -20 - Shrek - The gollum plant

Poor little guy is a bit overwhelmed by its own size... I took him outside during the summer to gain some strength (those are the pictures with the sun shining) Unfortunately I had to leave him behind as I have to travel to the other side of the world for work for 3 months, so I hope he will... more

Day 42 - Bonsai Ficus - The biggest tree in the house

These are the first images I took a couple of weeks after I bought the tree. You can see the light of the LED grow light on one of the images. It also gives the room a nice warm feel, but it is not disturbing at all with all the other light on. 

I also applied a bit of wiring to spread... more

Day 174 - A random avocado grow

Pretty big leafs. The stem is starting to thicken as well. Seems that it likes its place because the leafs are very close to each other on the stem.
- Or maybe its because the pot is starting to get small?

Day 123 - A random avocado grow

Another set of leafs appeared. It is growing very fast actually, even though it only receives sunlight for 1-2 hours in the morning. 

Day 99 - A random avocado grow

The first time I took pictures was when the avocado was already in the pot, so the first image is not this plant,but this one looked very similar to it. The other two images are the first ones taken with just maybe a couple of days difference.


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