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Day 268 - A random avocado grow

I got back from a long trip. The avocado tree survived, but its a bit struggling. It probably didn't like the 15 °C that was in the house until I was away... Now Im back and the temperature is back above 20 °C, so there should be some improvement in the next weeks, although I don't expect much... more

Day 363 - Ficus Bonsai

This is after around a year. The little ficus grew some nice green leafs. I also replanted it to a more bonsai like pot. 

Day 0 - Ficus Bonsai

This is when the ficus looked like when I moved the plant to my room to a brighter spot. 

bonsai ficus

Day 151 - Empress tree - Paulownia tomentosa

Unfortunately I had to leave the country therefore I had to place the trees to their final resting place. They are probably too week to survive the winter or some animal will probably eat them, but I will update this journal when I return and we will see. I really thought these trees would get... more

Day 117 - Empress tree - Paulownia tomentosa

The seedlings developed very slowly and some of them got some disease... or maybe birds started eating them? I don't know, but some don't really look good. The rest show very slow grow rate. 

Day 59 - Empress tree - Paulownia tomentosa

Once the seedlings got a bit stronger I transplanted them to toilet paper rolls with some rockwhool on the bottom. I mixed soil and organic nutrients together and filled the tubes with it. then I carefully planted the little seedlings. 1-3 seedlings into one roll. 

Day 51 - Empress tree - Paulownia tomentosa

You can see the three different germinating methods I used. Two soil and one rockwhool. All of them succeeded with good results ;)

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