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Day 12 - Growing microgreens at home

Sorry guys, I missed a couple of days, but basically I harvested the radish. 
The sunflower seeds are coming along nicely. The onion is a bit weird, I don't think I will grow them again as microgreens. They are slow and don't show leafs at all. The wheat... Well I think I overgrew them. I... more

Day 5 - Growing microgreens at home

Radish is my favorite! it tastes awesome and growing very rapidly. 
I started using a small 30W LED bulb to help them grow. It is currently winter and the length of sunny period is not too long. 

Day 4 - Growing microgreens at home

Exposing them to light. 
First leafs 
They really jumpstarted this day

Day 3 - Growing microgreens at home

Small update on the 3rd day. They are germinating nicely. 

Day 1 - Growing microgreens at home

After just one day, there is already some progress with the seeds. Especially with sunflower and radish. 

Day 0 - Growing microgreens at home

This is right after "planting" the microgreens. I basically just spread the 4 varieties evenly on the rockwhool and watered them with rain water. I currently don't have a PH meter, but rain water should be acidic with is what seedlings need. 


Day 0 - Growing oxygen in the house

I managed to get the Money plant the Snake plant and the Peace lily at my local gardening store. I still need to get the Areca palm somewhere... it is surprisingly hard to find around here. 

Peace lily
Money plant
Snake plant
Snake plant

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